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Introducing ESS-TSOS - Touch screen ordering system by e-square solutions

Introducing ess-tsos

A revolutionary touch screen ordering system that will engage your customers and help improve the efficiency of your restaurant operations. No other system connects your customers’ orders to the kitchen and front desk with the speed and ease our technology provides. Completely scalable, our system grows with your business. Contact us today to discuss how ess-tsos can help reduce your labour and administration costs while increase sales and profit.


Save Time

How long does your customer have to wait for someone to take their order? Our intuitive and interactive touch screen ordering system lets them place their order anytime.

Increase Sales

Not only your customers can order whenever they want without waiting, mouth-watering images of your menu are always at their table.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Great food combined with great service and efficiency leads to a great dining experience. Let the efficiency of our system put a smile on your customers' faces.

Increase Ratings and Referrals

There is no better marketing than word of mouth. The ease and efficiency of our ordering system is often mentioned in online reviews of our partners' restaurants.

Reduce Wastage Costs

To err is human - so let the machines do it. Say goodbye to miscommunications, miscalculations and mistakes.

Reduce Labour Costs

No more rostering extra staff for order taking during peak hours. Let your floor staff focus on service.


Our system lets your customers change your menu into their language with just a simple touch of the screen.

Reliability and Security

Do not let your business be at the mercy of internet speeds, connection stability or "cloud" security. Your system will be on a local network with regular backups ensuring fastest speeds and safety from outside intrusions.

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