ESS-TSOS Feature Overview

Every feature in ESS-TSOS is developed with actual hospitality experience. We have been on the other side of the counter which is why we know what is needed to make things more efficient. Scroll below to see how some of our main features apply in different parts of your restaurant operations.

For Your Customers

Touch Screen Ordering

Intuitive and interactive touch screens with high resolution images of your menu, your customers are able to order at anytime without waiting. Their order goes straight to the right part of the kitchen, allowing cooking to start as soon as possible.

Order Progress

As well as being able to check their current order total, your customers can view the status of each order.


Interact with your customers in their language! This powerful feature allows your customers to display your menu in different languages with just a touch. More efficient than sending all your wait staff to language school.

Staff Call

Our Staff Call button eliminates the need for your customers to raise their hand and wait for attention. With a simple touch, an alert is sent to hall stations with the customer's table number.

For Hall Staff

Table Management

This systems lets your wait staff have an overview of all available tables. They can also view the current bill of each table as well as transfer or group tables.

Split Billing

Split billing, group payments, discounts, surcharges, tips, multiple cards, etc. Our system has the flexibility to handle them all.

Takeaway Orders

Staff can easily take orders with the same interactive menu and accept payments at the counter with minimal fuss.

Menu Item Availability

When an item is sold out or unavailable, your staff can easily take the item off the menu and avoid time lost in apologies and explanations.

In The Kitchen

Order Display

Say goodbye to mix-ups and lost dockets. Our Kitchen Display Units shows all the information your cooks need to know on one screen.

Group by Item or Table

With a single touch, staff can switch views between orders by time, by number of items or by tables.

One Touch Operation

The functions of our Kitchen Display Units are simplified to one touch, allowing your staff to focus on cooking.

Incoming Alert and Timer

Staff are alerted to incoming orders with sound and can see the minutes elapsed on every order.

For The Management

Sales Report

Information is power. Keep track on item rankings, hourly trends and more with daily, weekly and monthly reports.

User Access

Our in-built user permission system lets you create and delegate user logins. Decide which staff has access to different features.

Menu Management

Easily add and edit your menu images, descriptions and options. Daily specials? Multiple options? Lunch sets? We've got you covered.

Item Ranking

With the information from the sales reports, learn and influence your item sales ranking. Just like in supermarket shelves, you can adjust where your menu item appears.

Automated Backup

You have a thousand and one important tasks to do. This is one less you have to remember.

Remote Access

Whether you are traveling overseas, or at a different franchise, or working from home, you can securely access and view your restaurant's operations live from your laptop.

Additional Modules

Reservation System

Intuitive reservation system which can send out SMS confirmations to customers.

Time Sheet

Helps you keep track of staff hours and they can clock in from any touch screen unit.

Customer Membership

Encourage customer loyalty by rewarding points each time they dine with you.


Keep your customers informed of your specials, new menu, events and much more.